Displaced Dishes started when Pam Gregory decided to work with Samos Volunteers, an organisation providing aid to those living in the Samos Refugee Camp. With a background in the restaurant business and culinary world, Pam found herself connecting with the residents through the subject of food. She decided to start collecting people’s favourite recipes from back home with the aim of producing a fundraising cookbook. With Pam’s ongoing work and the combined efforts of Gregory Oke, Natalia Karacaoglu and Konstantin Zhukov, that aim has been realised. We’re proud to present Displaced Dishes.


You can read more about the recipes on the home page or the product description .

However, the aim of the book extends beyond just providing the reader with exciting and authentic food ideas. It is also a snapshot of the complexity and ongoing tragedy of the European refugee crisis. On the macro level, the wide array of countries from which our contributors were forced to leave, and the sheer distance they travelled to reach Samos, demonstrates the scale of modern displacement. Whilst on the human level, these donated recipes provide an insight into the very personal loss displacement brings. Painful separation from one’s culture, homeland and family, are all tied up with the celebration of food from home. We’re extremely grateful to the contributors for sharing these meaningful recipes.

Everyone involved in this project, through the phases of recipe collection, editing, testing, photographing, and finally design, donated their time and services entirely for free. The book is therefore a testament to our collective desire to improve the living conditions of people attempting to seek refuge in Europe.

So buy a copy. Buy ten copies! We’re certain you’ll find recipes you love.