The book, the story so far…

Displaced Dishes started when Pamela Gregory decided to work with Samos Volunteers. With a background in the restaurant business, Pam found herself connecting with the residents of the Samos refugee camp through the subject of food.

She decided to start collecting people’s favourite recipes from back home, with the aim of producing a fundraising cookbook. With Pam’s ongoing work, the generosity and enthusiasm of the camp residents, and the combined efforts of Gregory Oke, Natalia Karacaoglu and Konstantin Zhukov, that aim has been realised! We’re proud to present Displaced Dishes.

Our first run of 3000 books was printed shortly before Christmas 2018. We had an incredible response, being featured in trendy publications, becoming the most popular book at the UK Migration Museum and quickly selling out our first print run. In November 2019 we released an expanded 2nd edition, featuring two new recipes and an improved folding cover.

We’ve donated 50,000 euros and counting.

The recipes

Extravagant Afghan feasts to impress your friends, healthy new salad ideas from Palestine, addictive rice and coconut cakes from Burundi, crunchy almond falafel from Syria, sourdough flatbreads from Djibouti and many more: this book is full of dishes to get you excited about cooking.

Each recipe has been thoroughly tested and edited to make it easily accessible and ready to use. With notes on harder to find ingredients and techniques.

Most importantly all the dishes are accompanied by succinct memories and tips from the contributors themselves. You are warmly invited to share in their joy and passion for the food of their homeland.

The camp

Samos Refugee camp is the second largest in Europe, with over 4500 people (as of October 2020) living in a facility built for just 650. Living conditions are terrible.

The charity Samos Volunteers provides vital services for the residents. It runs the island’s only refugee community centre, offering free language classes, activities and an invaluable and perpetually bustling laundry.

Find out more about the work of Samos Volunteers – 

Despite falling from the headlines, the situation in Europe’s refugee camps has continually worsened. The recipes in Displaced Dishes provide an insight into the very personal loss displacement brings. Painful separation from one’s culture, homeland and family, are all tied up with the celebration of food from home. We’re extremely grateful to the contributors for sharing these meaningful recipes.

Everyone involved in making this book, from recipe collection, editing, photographing, design and promotion has donated their time and effort for free in the hope of raising as much money for Samos Volunteers as possible. The book is testament to our collective desire to improve the living conditions of people attempting to seek refuge in Europe.

100% of profits will be donated to Samos Volunteers.